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Ghanaian Money - Ghana Coins in Circulation


Ghanaian Money - Ghana Coins

These coins are currently circulating in Ghana as money.

Photo courtesy of Don's World Coin Gallery.

The monetary system of Ghana is single-unit based, with the unit of Ghanaian money being called the Ghanaian Cedi. The names and relative values of the coins depicted above are, from left to right:

  • Ten Cedis - (10 Cedis)
  • Twenty Cedis - (20 Cedis)
  • Fifty Cedis - (50 Cedis)
  • One Hundred Cedis - (100 Cedis)
  • Two Hundred Cedis - (200 Cedis)
  • Five Hundred Cedis - (500 Cedis)

Please note that this listing only includes the coins in circulation. There will be paper money circulating as well.

Coin collectors who are looking for Ghana Coin Values will find them at Don's World Coin Gallery.
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