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Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring

Photos of Counterfeit Coin Dies, Minting Machinery, and Fake Coins


The photos in this gallery were taken inside a Chinese coin counterfeiting operation. This counterfeiting ring is suspected of putting thousands of fake coins onto the world and U.S. coin markets every month. These striking photos first emerged on certain Web-based coin discussion boards in Europe and the Far East. They came to my attention through a numismatic watchdog/satire blog called Biddle's Bank. These are the same coins which are being put into counterfeit PCGS and NGC coin holders, although they are most frequently sold raw (non-slabbed.)

The sheer size, scope, and professionalism of this counterfeiting ring will astonish you. Although the working conditions often appear dirty and the minting equipment is old, this is obviously a well-funded enterprise that is run like a legal business in China. There is no law in China against making these "replicas" as long as they are sold as such.

Please share your thoughts about this Chinese counterfeiting ring.
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Chinese Fake Coin MintingChinese Counterfeiter Strikes a Fake Silver CoinCoin Press Used in Chinese Coin Counterfeiting RingAnother Coin Press Used by the Chinese CounterfeitersStriking Fake Morgan DollarsFake Morgan Dollars Being StruckChinese Fake Morgan DollarsFake Morgan Dollars Made in China
Fake Morgan Dollars - EdgesEdge View of Fake Morgan DollarsEdge Lettering Fake CoinsChinese Worker Applies Edge Lettering to Fake CoinsFake Chinese Coin DiesAn Assortment of Fake Coin Dies in ChinaCounterfeit Coin DiesClose-Up of Fake Silver Coin Dies
Chinese Workers Striking Fake U.S. CoinsChinese Workers Making Counterfeit Rare CoinsFake Coins From ChinaThousands of Fake Coins From ChinaChinese-Made CounterfeitsChinese-Made Fake Silver and Copper CoinsFake Standing Liberty Quarters and Indian Head CentsFake Standing Liberty Quarters
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