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World Coins - Medieval - Modern - Foreign - Coins of the World

Coin Collectors the world over enjoy collecting their own nations' coins as much collectors in the USA enjoy U.S. coins. Discover the wide variety of sizes, shapes, types, and metals used in world coins. Also learn about Medieval, Crusader, early Islamic, and other specialized areas of world coin collecting.

CoinNetwork.com - Social Network for Coin Collectors
CoinNetwork.com is a social networking site for coin collectors, sort of a "MySpace" for the numismatic set. Learn about this great Web resource and what the features of this community are.

How Do I Find the Official Vatican Coin Store?
The Vatican has a coin shop that sells an interesting assortment of Vatican and Pope/Papal collectibles, but it is very hard to find! I'll show you how to get there in this FAQ.

Coin Trading
Trading coins with people in other countries is a great way to build a world coin collection easily and inexpensively. Coin traders exchange coins via the mail by agreeing in advance on what coins to trade. This article shows you how to get started in the hobby of coin trading around the world.

Numismaster.com was founded by Krause Publication, the Standard Catalog of World Coins people. They put the whole catalog online, along with coin collection management software, and added in some news and blogs. It's a very useful coin collecting resource; too bad it's not free...

Don's World Coin Gallery
Don's World Coin Gallery is a legendary Web site devoted to coins from virtually every issuing authority in the world. Don has tens of thousands of coins listed on his site, including photos, prices, a coin identification guide, and lots more for the world coin collector. The most amazing thing of all? Every single coin on the site came from Don's own collection! Learn more about Don's World Coin Gallery on this page.

Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring
Photos of a Chinese coin counterfeiting operation, which is striking fake silver coins. The photos include images of the fake coin dies being used, the machinery the coins are being struck on, and the final products ready to be placed in fake PCGS and NGC slabs.

Sealand - Its Story and Its Coins
Sealand is a former WWII artillery platform off the coast of England, which was abandoned as scrap after the war. During the 1960s, pirate radio broadcasters used it as a base of operations, and after some scuffles among the pirates for occupation (erm, I mean the Sealand "War for Independence") Sealand became the possession of a colorful character who dubbed himself a prince and insists that Sealand is a sovereign nation. Learn the full story of Sealand and its coins.

World Coins - Money Systems Around the World and the Coins in Circulation
This photo gallery of world coins shows the current, circulating coins being used in money systems around the world, along with a description telling what the coins are called (coin denominations) and relative values to each other.

Are Sunken Treasure Coins a Good Investment?
Before you buy sunken treasure coins, take a moment to think about what you are buying. Is there a lot of marketing hype making the coin seem more valuable than it is? Has the coin been certified, and by whom? Is the coin from a recovered sunken treasure that is getting a lot of publicity now, but might be forgotten tomorrow? Here are some things to consider when buying sunken treasure coins.

How do you Know Which Side is the Obverse of a Foreign Coin?
On U.S. coins, it is easy to know which side is the obverse and reverse, because of the portraits. However, many world coins, including the Euro, have no portraits, so how do you know which side is which? Your Guide explains some quick ways to tell the obverse from the reverse.

Make Your Own Coins at the Royal Australian Mint
Make your own coins on the special coin press at the Canberra Branch of the Royal Australian Mint. The coin denomination is one dollar, with a commemorative "50 Years of Australian Television" reverse, and best of all, the coin is legal tender! Find all about how to make your own Australian coins.

Don's World Coin Gallery
This incredible site has images of practically every world coin currently circulating, along with average precious metal content (by weight), and values for multiple grades. If you have a foreign coin, and don't know what it is, this is where to start!

World Coins Identification Chart
Have you found a world coin, but have no idea what country it's from, and can't read the alphabet it's in? Well, Don from Don's (Amazing!) World Coins Gallery has the solution for you - a concise pictorial world coin identifier.

Medieval Islamic Coins - the Maskukat Collection
Early and Medieval Islamic coinage is a growing area of World Numismatics, as more people take an interest in Islamic culture. Attribute your Islamic coins with the help of the Maskukat Collection, the largest reference in English on the Internet for Medieval Islamic coins.

The Coins of Sweden
This very well-done site features the coinage of Sweden in bilingual format. Includes information on Swedish coins and medals, the literature which catalogs and discusses them, facts about the coinage, and a forum in which to discuss these beautiful coins.

British Pre-Decimal Coin Key Dates
The hardest to find coin dates, known as "keys" to collectors, are worth more than coins of most other dates in that issue. Whether its because of rarity or demand, these coins are the ones that most collectors still need to complete their sets. Collectors of British pre-decimal coinage will find a list of their keys here.

Australian Pre-Decimal Coinage
As part of the British Empire, Australia used a system of coinage similar to that in Great Britain, until 1966 when they changed over to the decimal basis. Learn more about Australian Pre-Decimal coinage, including types and die varieties.

A Gallery of British Kings and Queens and Their Coins
If you have ever wondered what many of the medieval British Kings and Queens may have looked like, you should visit this gallery of their coins. Starting with a penny issued by Aethelred II, who ruled between 978 and 1016 AD, take a journey through British royal history all the way to Queen Elizabeth II.

Coins of France from the Dark Ages to Today
This collection of French coins spans 1,400 years and offers a fascinating numismatically-guided view of major events in French history. Organized according to dynasties, major battles, and themes, this site features coins of all types and denominations from France's storied past.

The Coins of Panama
Although Panama gained its independence in 1903, coins of the United States circulate side by side with Panamanian coinage. In fact, Panama intentionally designs its coins to match the metal content, size, and weight of U.S. coins! Learn more about Panama and the coins that circulate there.

Coins of Medieval Venice
One of the most beautiful coins in my entire collection is a silver "grosso" of Venice, featuring a Doge of Venice on the obverse, and a lovely depiction of Christ Enthroned on the reverse. Scholar Tom Oberhofer shares a representative sample of grossi, along with a bit of Venetian history.

The History of Thai Coins and Currency
A brief history of Thai currency, from the earliest days when copper Roman coins circulated in Thailand, through a period of baked clay coins, on to the modern unit of currency, the Baht.

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