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Collecting coins is a lot of fun, and it can be profitable, too. Learn how to get started with your own coin collection, whether it is for yourself or for a youngster. Get ideas on what to collect, how to organize a coin collection, the best way to store and display your coins, how to find honest and ethical coin dealers, and some thoughts about coin investing and selling your coin collection. You can also learn how to grade coins, whether you should clean your coins, and get information about the best places to buy, sell, and trade your coins with other coin collectors and dealers.
  1. Begin a Coin Collection
  2. Find a Coin Dealer
  3. Learn About Coin Grading

Begin a Coin Collection

Coin Folders

There are many different ways to begin collecting coins. You can start your collection right from your pocket change, or you can build a collection of classic coins or bullion by buying from dealers. Learn how to get started with a coin collection for yourself or for your children with these easy to follow articles and suggestions.

Find a Coin Dealer

A coin dealer at a local coin shop.

Learn how to find honest coin dealers who will help you appraise and sell your current collection, or start a new one. Not all coin dealers subscribe to industry standard codes of ethics. Find out which qualifications to look for in a coin dealer, and what red flags you should avoid in the mostly unregulated coin dealing profession.

Learn About Coin Grading

Grading coins is an essential skill to have if you want to make the best use of your limited coin collecting funds. Grading systems are based on simple concepts that are easy to learn, especially for circulated coins. Although grading services do some of the work for you, having a basic understanding of the criteria used by these services will empower you to make better coin buying decisions.

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