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Heritage Magazine

Free Glossy Print Magazine About Coins and Collectibles


Heritage Auction Galleries, probably the largest coin dealer in the world (based on sales) publishes a beautiful, glossy printed magazine about coins and collectibles called Heritage Magazine. The masthead subtitle tells us that this magazine is "for the intelligent collector," and based on the issue I looked at, I can certainly say that some very intelligent people are writing and publishing this periodical.

The articles are all very well-researched and written, and the magazine is loaded with high-quality color photographs. It is published quarterly, and covers a number of other collectibles topics in addition to coins, banknotes, and other numismatic material. Since most coin collectors also enjoy history to a greater or lesser degree, even the non-coin-related content in Heritage will appeal to coin collectors.

Heritage Magazine Subscriptions Are Free

Heritage Magazine is free for the asking. The publisher requests that you fill in a brief, five-question survey, which took me about 90 seconds to complete. The longest question is one that asks you to tick off buttons to indicate what you collect. The subscription will take 8 to 12 weeks to begin, which is about normal for a quarterly publication.

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