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The 1877 Indian Cent

This is an Indian Penny the Way it Looked When New

The Indian Penny on this page is in Mint State condition, which means it has never been in circulation.  Not very many Indian pennies are left that haven't been worn down to some greater or lesser degree.  What makes this coin interesting is that it still has its original color, just as it looked the day it left the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia, where it was struck.  What makes this coin valuable is that it is dated 1877, which makes it one of the key coins in the Indian Cent series.  This coin, which is graded PCGS MS-66 Red, is part of the legendary PCGS Registry Set "Red Copper Collection," formed by copper collector Stewart Blay.  The set will be on display for the first time ever at the ANA World's Fair of Money in Baltimore, MD this August.  For more information about the other beautiful coins in this set, see the Red Copper Collection.



Here's a close-up of the obverse.  This coin is nick-named the "Golden Princess" for obvious reasons!

Photos courtesy of PCGS.

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