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The Finest Known Wheat Cent

This is the Wheat Penny the Way it Was Meant to Look

Wheat penny collectors often get used to seeing cents that are lacking much of their details, partly because the coins we most often see have been worn in circulation.  Oftentimes, the Mint used the coin dies too long, too, so that even a brand new Wheat Cent could look somewhat mushy.  However, the coin shown here was obviously struck from brand new dies.  It is the finest known Wheat Penny in the entire Lincoln Wheat Cent series, graded PCGS MS-69 Red.  The coin is part of the legendary PCGS Registry Set "Red Copper Collection," formed by copper collector Stewart Blay.  I was so excited when I saw the incredible detail of this specimen that I wanted to share it with everyone.  Enjoy this chance to see the Lincoln Cent the way that the coin's designer, Victor David Brenner, surely envisioned his design to look like!

Finest Known Wheat Cent

Obverse photo courtesy of PCGS.

PCGS wasn't able to provide me with the reverse of this marvelous coin, but a friend pointed me to a Web site where many of the coins from the Red Copper Collection appear in an online photo gallery.  The owner of that site, Paul Houck, kindly lent me his image of the reverse, although it's a little smaller in size than the obverse, above.  When you're done salivating, be sure to check out more of this collection as well as some other amazing coins, at www.coingallery.org.

Reverse photo courtesy of Paul Houck, www.coingallery.org.

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