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The 1910-S Indian Head (Saint-Gaudens) U.S. Gold Eagle (Ten Dollar Gold Piece)


1910-S Indian Head Gold Eagle; Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens; Weight 16.718 grams; 90% gold/10% copper; Diameter 27 mm.
The 1910-S Indian Head Type (Saint-Gaudens) U.S. Gold Eagle ($10 Gold Piece)

The 1910-S Indian Head Type (Saint-Gaudens) U.S. Gold Eagle ($10 Gold Piece)

Photo (c) Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens' coin designs are among the most beloved in American numismatics. His beautiful Double Eagle design is legendary, but I have always preferred his American "Indian" Gold Eagle design. The androgynous obverse portrait seems to recall the artistry of classic ancient Greek coin imagery. The proud American Eagle on the reverse looks as if he is ready to take flight at an instant's notice, despite his folded wings. Most remarkable of all: rather than a simple reeded edge, Saint-Gaudens placed 46 raised stars that parade around the edge of the coin, one for each State of the Union at the time the coin was minted. Another thing you can't see on this image is the triple-punched "S" mint mark on this example, which is readily visible under 6x magnification. It was dealer graded at AU-50, and sold for $560.00 in June of 2006.
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