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James Madison's Presidential Dollar as Struck for Circulation

The Fourth Presidential Dollar Features James Madison


Madison Presidential Dollar

The artist rendering of the Madison Presidential Dollar and the struck coin itself look quite different.

United States Mint image
What an amazing, almost shocking divergence of artistic views! Comparing this coin to the artist rendering (on the previous page) shows many, well, striking differences. A visage for which I had trouble pinning down some traits has suddenly become a startling presence, glaring boldy from the coin into my very heart, and he doesn't like what he sees there! (And that's too bad, because people tell me I'm a really nice person!) ;)

Although Madison's triple chin is still there, the hints of corpulence are lost in his high collar and the strong line of his jaw. This is a firebrand we see on this coin, and perhaps a firebrand of such hot temperament that we'd prefer to keep our distance! Madison's gentle hint of balding at a possibly young age have become bold and certain hair loss, and this Madison isn't one to do the ol' "combover," either.

Of the four Presidential Dollars we have looked at up to now, comparing the artist rendering to the actual coin, this James Madison dollar shows by far the widest disparity between concept and execution. I can't help but wonder what "engineering considerations," (if any,) precipitated such stark changes in design.

The James Madison Presidential Dollar was designed by Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer Joel Iskowitz, and sculpted by U.S. Mint sculptor-engraver Don Everhart.
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