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The Abigail Adams Gold Coin in the Presidential First Spouse Series

Abigail was the Wife of Second President John Adams


Abigail Adams Gold Coin Obverse

Abigail Adams Gold Coin Obverse

United States Mint Image
The artist rendering for this coin was, in my opinion, the worst for all four of the First Spouses for 2007. Abigail Adams looks like a sour old hag on the previous page, but fortunately engraver Joseph Menna was able to salvage this horrific design to some extent. Abigail's face is a little more rounded, which gives her a softer appearance, and her lips are rendered in a kinder way so that she doesn't look like she's perennially scowling. This is a great improvement, but I still don't understand why these historical women are being portrayed more as biddies than as ladies.
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