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How Much is a 1943 Penny Worth?


This is an image of the 1943 steel penny (obverse).

The 1943 steel penny obverse - these pennies were made of steel to save copper for the war effort..

Photo courtesy of the Coin Page
Question: How Much is a 1943 Penny Worth?
When people find a silver colored 1943 penny, they are often surprised, thinking they have found a great rarity, since all U.S. pennies are copper. Aren't they?
Answer: The 1943 silver colored penny is a wartime issue made of steel, and coated with zinc. During World War II, copper was so badly needed for the war effort (to make shell casings) that the U.S. penny was made out of steel that year, which is why most 1943 pennies are silver colored. They are worth about 12 to 15 cents each in ciruclated condition, and as much as 50 cents or more if Uncirculated.

There are a few error coins known from 1943, where the penny was accidently struck in copper. These are extremely rare, but if you think you might have a 1943 copper penny, here's how to find out if your 1943 copper penny is genuine.

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