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Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-Present) - Errors and Varieties

Errors and Varieties for the Kennedy Half Dollar


1964 Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar

1964 Uncirculated Kennedy Half Dollar

Image Courtesy of: Heritage Auction Galleries, Ha.com

The Kennedy half dollar series provides some well known minor errors and varieties. The best know is the 1964 Proof Heavily Accented Hair variety. Given the low demand for Kennedy half dollar errors and varieties, most are extremely affordable for collectors of all means.

Kennedy Half Dollar Errors and Varieties

No coin series would be complete without its fair share of mint errors and die varieties. Beginning collectors will want to look carefully as they search their rolls for the following errors and varieties because they carry a premium over the normal market priced specimens. Here are a few of the more popular errors and varieties:

  • 1964 Proof Heavily Accented Hair
    The hair above Kennedy's hair has a few more incused lines making his hair look more pronounced.

  • 1971-D and 1977-D Struck On 40% Silver Clad
    A few of the 40% silver clad planchets used from 1965 to 1970 slipped into regular production lines at the Denver mint in 1971 and 1977.

  • 1974-D Doubled Die Obverse
    A production error occurred on the obverse die in 1974 that makes the letters look they are doubled.

  • 1979-S Proof Filled S & Clear S
    In the middle of 1979 the obverse hubs for the Kennedy half dollars were replaced. From years of use, the punch used to put the mint mark on the hub became worn and made the mint mark look more like a blob than an "S." The new hub had a mint mark that was much clearer.

  • 1981-S Proof Clear S & Flat S
    Once again in 1981 the hub was redone and the mint mark was less pronounced and more flat.

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