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The Front Entrance to the Shanghai Mint in China


Chinese Shanghai Mint

The front facade of the Shanghai Mint in China is modeled after the second Philadelphia Mint in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Fred Weinberg.
The idea for this photo gallery of the Shanghai Mint in China was born during a discussion on the Error Coin Information Exchange, a discussion group devoted to the topic of error and variety coins. Fred Weinberg, the leading error coin dealer, mentioned during a discussion of the recent Chinese counterfeiting mint that he had taken numerous tours the official government-run Shanghai Mint through the years.

Fred mentioned that the Shanghai Mint building front was a replica of the U.S. Philadelphia Mint! The Shanghai Mint got a major load of minting equipment around 1923, from machinery which was no longer needed by the Philadelphia Mint facility. To honor the Americans who were so helpful in modernizing the Chinese Shanghai Mint, the Chinese built the front of their Mint building to emulate the classic Philadelphia facade!

I asked if Fred if he could share any photos from his Chinese Mint tours, and this photo gallery is the result. As you can see, this very Western facade would stand out starkly amidst the Chinese-style buildings in the vicinity.
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