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Doubled Die Verification Overlay Number 2


Washington Presidential Dollar Doubled Die Reverse

This overlay shows the relative positions of the obverse and reverse images, verifying that the extra marks on the die are not the result of a die clash.

Coin discovery and photo by Shawn and Shelly Bell of bigbuckbell eBay auctions.
One of the things we must rule out when evaluating a potential doubled die is the presence of clash marks on the coin. On the overlay Shawn Bell has prepared here, the obverse of the coin is laid on top of the reverse in the same fashion it appears on the coin. This allows us to see what design elements would fall into that same spot where the doubling is suspected if the coin dies had clashed. As you can see here, in the spot that I highlighted with a red circle, the obverse device that would have left a mark on the reverse die is actually a smooth portion of Washington's cheek. Therefore, we can rule out a die clash as a possible cause of the extra marks, strengthening the assertion that they are the result of hub doubling.
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