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Error Coins & Die Varieties

Error coins and die varieties can be found everywhere from pocket change to slabs in coin dealers' inventories. Ever since errors began turning up in the State Quarters, such as the Wisconsin quarter with the extra leaf, people have been hunting through their pocket change looking for valuable coin varieties. Learn what to look for in your spare change.
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Cherrypickers Bragging Rights Page
Have you made a big score cherrypicking a rare coin from a coin dealer? This is the place to brag about your best cherrypicking scores, and see what other cherrypickers have been finding lately.

The 2008 Silver Eagle Transitional Variety
The 2008 Silver Eagle has a redesigned hub, or master die, that uses a slightly different lettering font style and arrangement of stars on the reverse. This article shows you how to tell whether your 2008 Silver Eagle is one of these rare transitional variety coins.

Fred Weinberg Profile
Fred Weinberg is one of the world's leading authorities on error coins and the coin minting process. He is an error coin dealer who has some of the most rare and incredible mint errors ever seen in his 100,000 plus coin collection.

Fred Weinberg's Tour of the Shanghai Mint in China
This photo gallery and commentary features images from Fred Weinberg's tour of the Shanghai Mint in China. Fred shares some amazing images with us, including solid gold planchet strip leftover from punching the coin blanks for gold Panda coins, the galvano for the silver Panda master hub, error coins collected by the Chinese Mint workers, and more.

The Faceless Monroe Presidential Dollar
The Faceless Monroe Dollar is a Monroe Dollar blank that didn't get the front and back coin designs, but did get the edge lettering! this is only the second confirmed time that an error like this has happened in the Presidential Dollar series. Learn all about this amazing blank planchet with edge lettering on it, the collector who found it, and the grading service mistake when it was slabbed.

The Extra Beard Penny Error
The 2000-P Lincoln Cent has an interesting doubled die variety called the Extra Beard error. An extra area of beard shows on Lincoln's neck, and the word LIBERTY has trails on some of the letters. This article has photos and dignostics to help you attribute the Extra Beard type.

Is Your Monroe Dollar a "Wrong Planchet" Error?
The Monroe Presidential Dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint include a normally rare error type: coins struck on the wrong coin blanks. Learn how to tell if your Monroe Dollar has this "wrong planchet" error.

Washington Doubled Die Mystery - Presidential Dollar Doubled Die Abraded
Washington Presidential Dollar doubled die mystery - an area of the coin's design has been abraded off the die that matches the exact shape of Liberty's shoulder if it had been doubled counter-clockwise a little bit.

Presidential Dollar Doubled Die Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of Presidential Dollars that were struck from doubled dies.

Meet Shawn Bell - Doubled Die Discoverer and Coin Collector
Profile of coin collector Shawn Bell of Bigbuckbell auctions, who has at least a dozen doubled die discoveries to his credit, plus many other major die varieties and error coins.

2007 Proof Presidential Dollar Error Coins
Photo gallery of Proof Presidential Dollar error coins minted in 2007.

Fake Edge Lettering on a Sacagawea Dollar
Photo of a Sacagawea Dollar with fake edge lettering that reads DARWIN RULES, created by Daniel Carr.

Adams Presidential Dollar Double Edge Lettering Errors
Photo gallery showing John Adams Presidential Dollars that got two sets of edge lettering inscriptions on them.

Washington Presidential Dollar Error Coin Gallery
Washington Presidential Dollar Photo Gallery - Images and Pictures of Godless Dollars, plain edge Washington Dollars, missing clad layers, double edge lettering, major struck through grease errors, rotated reverse errors, skipped, slipped, and misplaced edge lettering, die breaks, die gouges, cuds, die cracks, clashes, and lots of other Presidential Dollar errors and varieties.

Lincoln Memorial Penny Die Varieties
The commonly recognized die variety types for the Lincoln Memorial Cent series, including those noted in the Red Book, are listed on this page.

How to Tell if a Godless Plain Edge Dollar is Fake
Godless Dollars are so-called because they are missing the edge lettering inscriptions that all Presidential Dollars are supposed to have, which include, among others, IN GOD WE TRUST. However, what's to stop someone with a dremel tool or lathe from simply erasing the edge inscriptions to make fake Godless dollars? Learn how to tell a real plain edge dollar from a fake smooth edge dollar.

The Presidential Dollar Edge Lettering Errors
The Presidential Dollar coins are turning up with some interesting new errors, mostly related to the edge lettering on the coins. However, not everything being sold on eBay as an edge lettering error is one! Learn what's up with these new Presidential Dollars, and check out my list of known errors for the coins.

Does the Mint Intentionally Create Errors to Make the Coins More Collectible?
People often ask if the U.S. Mint is making little errors on the coins on purpose, in order to entice people into removing them from circulation and collecting them. Find out the answer to this question about mint error coins.

How Do I Tell if a Two Headed Coin is Genuine?
Learn how to tell if your two headed coin is genuine or fake. This page explains how two-headed coins are made, and how to tell if your 2 headed coin is real or not.

Find Error Coins in Your Pocket Change
Learn how to find error coins and die varieties in your pocket change. This tutorial will show you a few simple steps that will allow you to quickly sort your change, so you never have to pay for something that costs twenty-five cents with a state quarter that is worth twenty five dollars!

How Much is My Blank Coin Worth?
Sometimes people come across blank coins in circulation, and they wonder what they've got and if it's worth anything. This FAQ page answers these questions about blank coins.

What are Adjustment Marks on Coins?
Adjustment marks appear on many pre-1840 coins, although they are most frequently seen on coins dated prior to 1821. Learn what weight adjustment marks are, what caused them, how to distinguish them from other field marks such as roller marks, and how adjustment marks affect the value of your coins.

Roller Marks or Weight Adjustment Marks? Learn the Difference on These Coins
This photo diagnostic helps you determine the difference between roller marks and weight adjustment marks on U.S. coins.

Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change
Most people don't realize that there are a number of fairly valuable U.S. error coins and die varieties in circulation today. The reason these coins are overlooked by people is that they have small distinguishing characteristics, such as a modest doubling of the coin image, or minute differences in the size or spacing of the letters in the legends. Learn which of your pocket change coins is worth a large premium over face value, and why.

In God We Rust - A State Quarter Filled Die Strike Through Error
The "Rust Quarter" was created when coin press lubricating grease escaped into the coin die, plugging up the letter "T" in TRUST. See photos of this error and learn more about how grease strike through filled die errors occur.

Collectors are Cashing in on “Extra Tree” Minnesota State Quarters!
The Minnesota State Quarter Extra Tree error coins have been getting a lot of attention recently. Learn how to check your state quarters to see if you have one of these valuable Minnesota Extra Tree error coins.

Roller Marks on a Morgan Dollar
Roller marks are straight, parallel lines that appear on the surface of the coin, and go underneath the devices. Although roller marks has always been the traditional explanation for these marks, there might be other causes, too. Learn all about roller marks and similar phenomena.

CONECA Listing of U.S. Coin Die Varieties
CONECA is the largest organization devoted to collecting U.S. die varieties. These are the types of valuable coins that anybody can find right in their pocket change. See if the coins in your change are on their list of collectible varieties.

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