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Coin Values, Prices and Tips For Buying and Selling Coins


Most people don't think about the fact that there are two sets of coin valuation numbers. Coin prices are the Red Book, or coin catalog retail prices, whereas coin values are the actual value your coin is worth if you had to sell it to a dealer today. Although nearly all coin price guides give high-end retail prices, my coin value guides will give you a realistic, honest value that you could get today if you sold your coin collection to a dealer. Avoid nasty surprises when it comes time to sell your coins by using realistic coin value guides like the ones here.
  1. U.S. Cent Values
  2. U.S. Nickel Values
  3. U.S. Dime Values
  4. U.S. Quarter Values
  1. U.S. Half Dollar Values & Prices
  2. U.S. Dollars Values & Prices
  3. U.S. Proof Sets and Mint Sets Values & Prices
  4. Coin Buying and Selling Tips

U.S. Cent Values

Uncirculated Example of a Lincoln Wheat Cent Obverse

U.S. Cents are some of the most popular and widely collected coins in America. Part of the appeal of pennies is that most collectors started with them as youngsters. Pennies are also cheaper to collect than any other coin type, especially if you start collecting them from circulation. Do you have pennies lying around the house that you'd like to know the values for? Look them up in my U.S. Cent coin value guides and find out how much you could sell them for today.

U.S. Nickel Values

Example of Buffalo Nickel

Nickels are one of the most under-rated coin series in U.S. coin collecting. The Jefferson Nickel has been in circulation for so long that most people don't realize that nickels from the 1940's and 1950's still circulate right beside the current date nickels. The Buffalo Nickel series is one of the most beloved coin series in all of U.S. coin collecting, while Liberty Head V-Nickels are often overlooked altogether. Find out what your old nickels are worth by looking them up in the U.S. Nickel coin value guides.

U.S. Dime Values

Mercury or Winged Liberty Head Dime Obverse

The U.S. Dime holds an interesting place in coin collectors' hearts. As the smallest of the U.S. silver coins to circulate in the twentieth century, it has its loyal adherents, but most collectors who can afford to do so would rather collect the larger silver coins. The Mercury Dime is considered to be one of the nicest U.S. coin designs of the twentieth century, and values for these dimes are strong. Find out how much you could sell your old dimes for today by checking their values in the dime value guides.

U.S. Quarter Values

An example of a silver Washington Quarter Obverse

Statehood Quarters are the most widely collected coin series in the history of coin collecting. The U.S. Treasury Department estimates that 140 million Americans are collecting State Quarters. Although skeptics claim that State Quarters will never be worth much because of their high mintages, the average State Quarter from each U.S. Mint (Philadelphia and Denver) has a mintage of 270 million coins. If 140 million people each want to collect these, that's less than two specimens per collector for most Statehood Quarters! Find out what your State Quarters are worth in the quarter value guides.

U.S. Half Dollar Values & Prices

An example of the Obverse of a Franklin Half Dollar

At one time, the half dollar circulated widely within United States. Today the half dollar is a little seen coin in normal everyday commerce. This is not to say that it is not rich in history. Half dollars were one of the first coins minted by a fledgling country beginning in 1794. In 1963 tragedy gripped the country with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Within a few short months, a new coin was being produced that was saved in great numbers by a grieving country.

U.S. Dollars Values & Prices

Example of a Morgan Dollar Obverse

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are a popular U.S. coin type with most coin collectors (pennies being first.) The large, thick, and heavy 90% silver coins of America's yesteryear seem magnificent to us today, although in their day they weren't always so popular. Learn what your Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars are worth if you had to sell them today, and find out why you shouldn't pay real high prices for many Morgan and Peace Dollars, even uncirculated ones!

U.S. Proof Sets and Mint Sets Values & Prices

Various United States Proof Sets and Uncirculated Mint Sets

These coin guides give you the current values (the amount a coin dealer will pay to you) and prices (what you pay to buy it) for U.S. Mint issued proof sets and uncirculated mint sets. Other information includes original issue price, total face value of the set, total coins in the set and total sets sold.

Coin Buying and Selling Tips

Knowing how much coins are worth is only the first step to smart buying and selling. In order to maximize your profits when you sell, and get the best deal possible when you buy, learn more about how the coin market works and how to avoid some of the common coin market scams. You should also develop a relationship with a coin dealer; these coin market insiders can make or save you a lot of cash!

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