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Mercury Dime Key Dates - Mercury Keys List

List of the Key Dates in the Mercury Dime Series


Mercury Dime

Mercury Dime in average circulated condition (obverse side)

Photo by Susan Headley
The key dates in the Mercury Dime series are as follows:
  • 1916-D - With a mintage of only 264,000 this is by far the rarest Mercury key

  • 1942/1 (2 over 1 date) - Overdate type for both 1942 and 1942-D, mintages are unknown but the type is extremely rare

Semi-key (scarce) dates in the Mercury Dime series include:
  • 1921
  • 1921-D
  • 1926-S
  • 1931-S
  • 1931-S
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