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Lincoln Memorial Penny Die Varieties

Major Variety Types for Lincoln Memorial Cents


Lincoln Memorial Cent Variety

Lincoln Memorial Cent Doubled Die Obverse 1972

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The Lincoln Memorial Cent series has produced a goodly number of popular die varieties, including those listed below. Every year, it seems like the Red Book (A Guide Book of United States Coins) adds another variety or two to its listings, such that we have a growing catalog of widely recognized and sought after Lincoln Memorial penny die varieties. (See another page for Lincoln Memorial Cent Key Dates or Lincoln Memorial Cent Values.)

In the interest of making a useful list, I am omitting varieties that are worth less than about $5 in EF (Extremely Fine, or lightly circulated) condition.

Major varieties include:

  • 1960-D Large Date Over Small Date doubled die

  • 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1970-S Small Date - High 7

  • 1970-S Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1971-D Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1971-S Doubled Die Obverse (Proof only)

  • 1972 Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1972-D Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1981-S Clear Mintmark

  • 1983 Doubled Die Reverse

  • 1984 Doubled Ear Obverse

  • 1990 Proof, No S Mintmark

  • 1992 Close AM Reverse

  • 1992-D Close AM Reverse

  • 1994 Doubled Die Reverse (Extra Column)

  • 1995 Doubled Die Obverse

  • 1997 Doubled Ear Obverse

  • 1998 Wide AM Reverse

  • 1998-S Proof Close AM Reverse

  • 1999 Wide AM Reverse

  • 1999-S Proof Close AM Reverse

  • 2000 Wide AM Reverse

  • 2004 Doubled Die Reverse

  • 2006 Doubled Die Obverse

  • 2006 Doubled Die Reverse (Extra Knees)

Notes: (a) The "Wide AM" and "Close AM" varieties stem from the use of Proof dies on circulation strike coins, and vice-versa. They refer to the first two letters of AMERICA and whether they are nearly touching or not.

(b) There are numerous minor 1972 doubled die varieties which have no extra value because of a Master Die having been doubled during hubbing. It is not known for sure how many working dies were produced from this doubled Master Die, but they were distributed to all three mints. If you need a ten power loupe to see the doubling on a 1972 penny, it probably isn't worth much because there are so many nice doubled dies in this year which are visible to the naked eye.

(c) Since 1994, some Lincoln Memorial Cents in high grades show traces of a removed mintmark on the coin. The cause is believed to be the removal of D and S mintmarks from dies or hubs which were originally intended to be sent to the branch mints, but which ended up being used at Philadelphia. They are worth a small premium over normal coins for that date.

If you are really serious about searching Lincoln Memorial Cents for profitable varieties, you should consider developing a method that allows you to systematically work your way through large numbers of coins in a short period of time. By performing the same sequence of steps over and over methodically, your search rate will improve greatly, and so will your success in finding varieties, because, like many other things, it boils down to a numbers game. The more pennies you search, the more varieties you'll find! See my page explaining the 8 Steps to Finding Variety Coins in Pocket Change.

If you want to print this list out for future reference, there is a "Print" link near the upper right corner of the page that will allow you to print the page in a nice layout. To stay informed about new error coins and die varieties that are being found in circulation, join my free weekly About Coins newsletter now.

Sources include A Guide Book of United States Coins, Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, and the Cherrypicker's Guide.

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