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Struck Through Coin Error

Struck Through Coin Error

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Definition: A struck through error is created when a foreign object comes between the planchet and the coin dies. When the coin dies strike the planchet to create the image on the coin metal, the foreign object creates an incuse impression in the coin. Common examples that end up as struck through errors include wire, cloth, staples, dirt and grease. Hard materials, such as wire and cloth, usually end up getting embedded into the coin and ejected from the coining chamber after the coin is struck. Softer material such as dirt and grease, can adhere to the coin die and continue to leave embedded impressions on subsequently struck coins. This was the case with the In God We Rust State Quarters.
Also Known As: strike through, struck through grease, grease strike
Alternate Spellings: struck-through
A piece of wire caused this struck through error on this five dollar gold piece.

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