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Definition: A Registry Set is a set of coins that is registered with a major third party company that verifies the quality and ownership of the coins in the set. The two major Registry Sets for U.S. coins are the PCGS Registry Set and the NCG Registry Set. In both cases, the coins in the set must be in the respective company's holders to qualify. (You cannot have a PCGS coin in an NGC Registry Set, for instance.)

The Registry Set concept was invented by numismatic marketing genius David Hall, (who also co-founded PCGS.) Collectors can display their Registry Sets online, which creates highly competitive atmosphere. Because the coins must be in the proper company's holder to qualify, many coins are graded that might not otherwise be (especially post-1960 coins.) Market prices for these coins are also driven by Registry Set competition, resulting in crazy prices for extremely common coins, late-date coins that are in high grades.

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Wouldn't it be nice to have the Number One ranked NGC Registry Set for Gold Coronet (Type II) Double Eagles? :)

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