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MS-67 – Official A.N.A. Definition of Grade MS-67


Lincoln Wheat Penny Graded Mint State-67 (MS67RD) Red

Lincoln Wheat Penny Graded Mint State-67 (MS67) Red

Photo courtesy of Teletrade Coin Auctions, www.teletrade.com

A coin graded MS-67 has original luster and normal strike for date and mint. May have three or four very small contact marks and one more noticeable but not detracting mark. On comparable coins, one or two small single hairlines may show, or one or two minor scuff marks or flaws may be present. Eye appeal is above average. If copper, the coin has luster and original color.

Contact Marks: 3 or 4 minuscule. 1 or 2 may be in prime focal areas. • Hairlines: None visible without magnification. • Luster: Above average. Nearly full original. • Eye Appeal: Exceptional.

Notes: The ANA has not established equivalent official adjectives for the listings within the MS-60 to MS-70 range. Commercially, MS-70 coins are often called Perfect Uncirculated, MS-65 coins Gem Uncirculated, and MS-63 coins Choice Uncirculated. In the past, these and other adjective have been used to designate various grades of condition.

While the preceding guidelines will undoubtedly prove useful to the reader, it is strongly advised that viewing actual coins in the marketplace will enable you to better determine grading practices affecting the series which interest you most. For example, the collector of Morgan silver dollars would do well to examine Morgans graded by a variety of services and sellers in order to determine in general what is considered to be MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, and higher grades.

Coins minted prior to 1836 often show minor weaknesses or friction spots even though they may never have been used in circulation. Such coins are often graded as Mint State rather than About Uncirculated, when they have superior eye appeal, luster, strike, or appearance.

Reproduced with permission from The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins, 6th edition, © 2005 Whitman Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Also Known As: Mint State 67, MS67, Choice Gem Uncirculated, Superb Gem Uncirculated, Superb Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, CH GEM BU, CH GEM UNC, Superb GEM BU
Because this Franklin half dollar did not have a stronger strike, it is graded as MS-67.

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