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Coin Flip - What is a Coin Flip?


This is a standard 2 inch square mylar coin flip with 2 pockets.

This is a standard 2 inch square mylar coin flip, which is folded in half. The coin is in one pocket and the insert card is in the other.

Photo by Susan Headley
Definition: A flip (see photo) is a small PVC, Mylar, or plastic pocket that folds in half, and is designed to hold one coin. Flips usually measure 2 inches square (when folded), but they also come in 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch sizes.

Usually, the collector or dealer puts a coin in the pocket of one side of the foldover, and puts a little paper or card, called an insert, in the other pocket which identifies the coin. Flips are most frequently used for ancient coins because the catalog information for ancients will not fit on the standard cardboard 2x2.

Sometimes the flip is cut in half where the fold is, so that you have just a little 3-sided pocket, with the opening across the top, into which the coin is placed.

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It is not a good idea to store your coins in plastic flips for longer than a few weeks, unless the flips are made of Mylar, because they can cause PVC damage to your coins.

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