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The Bottom Line

Chattanooga Coins occasionally offers a great deal, although they usually sell out quickly when they do, and they take forever to ship it. Stay away from their BU single coins, which are over-graded, way over-priced, and usually in spurious slabs. When they send you the wrong stuff (my experience is 75% of the time,) expect to pay shipping both directions to return it, and forget about ever hearing an apology or getting a "make-up" incentive. This company is all about the quick buck and the bottom line.


  • Chattanooga Coins sometimes has really good close-out deals.
  • Their prices aren't as much of a rip-off as most TV dealers.
  • Customer service agents are very friendly and patient, even chatty.
  • Chattanooga's catalogs and mailers are very appealing.


  • The coins Chattanooga sells are usually over-graded.
  • Their coins are usually in bottom-tier, low-quality slabs.
  • Chattanooga's shipping is extremely slow; 3 weeks is average for them.
  • They have terrible post-sale customer support!


  • Chattanooga Coin is based in Rossville, GA, and owned by dealer Lewis Revels.
  • Chattanooga says they have been in business for more than 35 years.
  • Chattanooga Coin and Revels are not members of any nationally recognized numismatic organization such as the ANA or PNG.

Guide Review - Chattanooga Coin

I have purchased coins from Chattanooga four times now, and three out of the four times, they sent me the wrong stuff, or left stuff out of my order entirely by mistake. The wrong items were usually close to what I ordered, but inferior in grade and quality.

For example, one "deal" I bought from them was to include a 1973 Mint Set, according to the text and photo in their catalog. However, when I got the order, they had sent the 1973 Proof set instead, (and a low-grade, spotted one, at that,) which is worth about half what the Mint Set is worth. At this point, I was so fed up with them, having waited six weeks for this order to be delivered, that I didn't even bother trying to get it rectified.

More Chattanooga Coin Order Problems

On my previous order, I was supposed to have gotten a complete (short) set of BU Lincoln Memorial Cents in a folder, plus some extras which included a 7-coin 1982 Lincoln Cent type set in a plastic case. They sent the coin folder, but with 7 coins missing - the 1982's. It took several weeks and numerous telephone calls to finally get the 7 coins to fill those holes, except they sent the wrong 7 coins!

Chattanooga uses a very unreliable (possibly in-house) grading company. On my first order from them, I was supposed to get a slabbed 1909 VDB Cent in MS-65 as a bonus with other items. I expected the coin to be vastly over-graded, but I didn't expect it to be missing the VDB! I had to return it at my own expense before they sent the right coin.

Chattanooga Gets 2 Stars Out of 5

I gave Chattanooga 2 stars rather than 1 because they have top-notch, engaging, and enjoyable catalogs and marketing materials, friendly order-takers, and the occasional great deal. But if you buy single coins, make sure they're in NGC or PCGS slabs, because most of their BU coins are severely over-graded.

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Chattanooga Coin, Member boche59

If you are interested in holding gold, go to some other place like Blanchard, which will post their prices right on their site. If you are interested in buying collectible gold, find a reputable dealer in your area. Just remember, when you buy gold, you are paying the dealer's price. When you sell, you will be selling at what they're willing to pay. Most dealers will ignore things like the ""Early Release"" slabbing that Chattanooga Coin sells. Avoid these like the plague! Most of the stuff from Chattanooga Coin is WAY overpriced, and you will have a very hard time getting your money back, either as an investment or when you sell. Much of what they are selling is not only overpriced, but the quality is not there. Even if you get it graded and slabbed by PCGS, many coin dealers will argue the grading. My suggestion is find some other place to buy gold. In all honesty, I did buy some really nice Morgan silver dollars from them.

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