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How to Collect Coins and Care For Them

Caring for your coin collection is just as important as choosing which coins to buy. There are proper ways to clean, protect, display, and handle your coins. Whether you collect rare U.S., world, or ancient coins, learn how to keep them in top-notch condition.

Protecting, Preserving and Storing Your Coin Collection
Protecting and storing your coins so that you can pass your coin collection on to future generations is an important part of coin collecting. There are many ways that you can damage your coins. But if you take the proper precautions, you can enjoy your coins while providing the proper layers of protection that will ensure your coins do not get...

How to Handle Coins Properly
Learning how to handle your coins properly is an important first step to protecting your coins from damage. This article explains how to handle your coins, hold your coins, and what to do to avoid damaging your coins when you examine them.

Coin Collecting Supplies
Every coin collector needs a variety of coin collecting supplies to properly store and protect their collection. Here is a list of coin collecting supplies that you will need to get started so that your coin collection is properly stored and maintained.

Intermediate and Advanced Coin Collecting Supplies
The deeper you journey into coin collecting, the more advanced your coin collecting supplies will need to be. You will be paying more attention to details and different attributes of your coins. Here is a list of the necessary coin collecting supplies to take you to the next level.

Coin Folders and Coin Albums
Coin albums and coin folders provide and easy way for you to store, display and enjoy your coin collection. Choosing the right coin album or coin folder to store your collection in is easy if you know the tradeoffs. This article will help you decide.

Coin Holders
Choosing the right coin holders for your coin collection is a simple decision if you know what your options are and how much it will cost you. This guide will help make the right decision for you coin collecting goals.

Slabbed Coins Offer the Best Protection
Looking for the best coin holder to store your coin? Look no further than the third party grading services (PCGS, NGC, ANACS) to provide the ultimate in protection for your coins. Here is why you will want to invest in these coin holders for you most prized coins.

How to Safely Store Your Coin Collection
Improperly storing your coin collection can cause irreparable damage the will destroy the beauty of your coins and the value as well. This article explains what can damage your coins and how to protect them for future generations.

Safes, Security & Insurance for Coin Collections
Although nobody wants to think about it, the inevitable may happen and your prized coin collection could be lost. Investing in the proper security equipment and using common sense can protect your coin collection and replace it with the inevitable happens. Follow these simple steps to maximize the protection for your coin collection.

Cataloging Your Coin Collection
Cataloging your coin collection and maintaining proper records is one of the things that differentiate intermediate and advanced collectors from beginning collectors. This article talks about the importance of cataloging your coin collection and simple ways for you to accomplish it.

The Counterfeit Coin Detection Kit
Anybody can detect counterfeit U.S. coins using five simple, inexpensive tools. In this article, I explain what these tools are and how to use them to protect yourself against fake coins and counterfeits.

Safely Clean U.S. and Other Modern Coins
Cleaning collectible U.S. and other modern rare coins is not recommended, but if you really feel you must clean your coins, follow the steps described below to minimize the risk of damaging them.

How to Tell is a Coin Has Been Cleaned
When coins come out of the mint, they have a beautiful luster and they look nice and shiny and pretty. But as coins get used in circulation, this shininess wears away and the coin gets dull. How can I turn my dull, worn, circulated coin back into a nice shiny prize again? In other words, how do I clean my coins to look mint new?

What is PVC Damage on Coins?
PVC damage can ruin your coins. Learn what PVC damage is, how to prevent it, and how to remove PVC residue before it becomes permanent PVC damage.

Remove PVC Residue From Coins
Severe PVC residue on coins appears as a greenish, stinky residue. If you leave PVC residue untreated, it will eventually eat into the surface of the coin, leaving ugly marks and making the coin virtually worthless to collectors. This article teaches how to remove PVC residue, hopefully before it does PVC damage.

The 7 Best Ways to Ruin Your Coins
The 7 best ways to ruin your coins are described, with details on cleaning coins, storing coins, handling coins, and caring for a coin collection. We explain the 7 mistakes that beginning collectors make, and how to avoid them. Keep your U.S. and rare coins in great shape by avoiding these common coin care catastrophes.

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