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Vcoins and Vauctions

The Strongly Ethical Alternative to eBay


Vcoins began several years ago as a marketplace for ancient coins and antiquities dealers to have an easy-to-deploy storefront for their coins. Vcoins founder Bill Puetz has a zero-tolerance policy regarding counterfeits, scams, and other dealer shenanigans, and his marketplace is widely seen as being the elite place to buy and sell ancient coins. Vcoins has recently branched out to include World and U.S. coins sections, and as more people get frustrated with eBay's escalating seller fees and disregard of buyer needs, expect Vcoins to flourish.

Vauctions is an offshoot of Vcoins, and a good place to shop for coins if you value a secure marketplace with a strong dealer code of ethics, and want to have recourse if you have any problems.

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