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Uncleaned Coins Dealer CommonBronze.com

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Uncleaned coins from CommonBronze.com

Uncleaned coins from ancient Rome, found in modern-day Spain, and purchased from CommonBronze.com for $3 each.

Photo by Susan Headley
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The Bottom Line

CommonBronze.com is about as good as it gets for ancient uncleaned coins. You will always see photos of the actual lot you are buying from, and if you're not happy when you get the coins, CommonBronze.com will take them back in their untouched state for a refund. Tom and Tony (the owners,) are very friendly guys and will help you get started in the ancient uncleaned coins hobby if you just ask them. CommonBronze.com wasn't started as a money-making endeavor, it was started as a way for Tom and Tony to support their uncleaned coins-buying habits, and they treat all customers like they want to be treated themselves.


  • The best variety of uncleaned coin types I've ever seen anywhere.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Fast shipping at very fair shipping rates.
  • Coins are always the grade and quality you expect.
  • Company owners are active hobbyists, not just in it for money.


  • All uncleaned coins tend to be low-grade and they're not for everyone.


  • CommonBronze.com was founded in 2004, and is owned by Tom Ross and Tony Jaworski.
  • They specialize in uncleaned coins, which are generally lower-grade, freshly-dug coins needing cleaning and identifying.
  • CommonBronze.com also carries most of the supplies and books that uncleaned coins fans need for their hobby.
  • Tom and Tony are active members of several uncleaned coins hobby forums, always ready to help fellow collectors.
  • Most people don't realize that genuine ancient Roman coins are quite common and can be very inexpensive.

Guide Review - Uncleaned Coins Dealer CommonBronze.com

CommonBronze.com is a coin dealer partnership that specializes in uncleaned coins, especially ancient uncleaned coins. The company was started in late 2004 by Tom Ross and Tony Jaworski, two uncleaned coins fanatics who wanted to buy more uncleaned coins than their budgets would allow. They figured that if they could pool their money and buy wholesale lots, they'd get better-quality coins and save money in the process. Their plan was to keep what they could afford and sell the rest to help recover expenses. Plus, they liked the idea of being able to help their friends get access to higher-quality uncleaned coins at reasonable prices.

Tom and Tony have lived up to their goals in a spectacular way. In a few short years, they have become one of the most popular uncleaned coins dealers in the U.S., offering a wide variety of coins from multiple cultures spanning more than 2,000 years. On any given day, you can find ancient coins from the cultures of Greece, Rome, Judea, Byzantium, India, and others. Ancient Roman coins, the most popular and inexpensive type, can be purchased from a variety of former Roman regions, including modern day Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, the Holyland, France, England, Syria, and more. It just depends on what is in stock. CommonBronze.com also offers freshly dug-up coins from the Medieval and early Modern periods as well, depending on what their suppliers have.

The test lot I purchased for this review is from their $3 per coin Spanish Uncleaned lot. In this lot, which was great, I found Ancient Roman coins issued by Victorinus, Claudius, Delmatius, Pompey the Great, Constantine the Great, and several others I haven't cleaned yet.

Uncleaned coins aren't for everybody, but if you love treasure-hunting and ancient history, give them a try. You might be amazed!

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