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Ancient Coins - Roman - Greek - Chinese - Biblical Coins

Collecting ancient coins is one of the most fascinating collector hobbies there is. Did you know that you can own a coin that circulated in Judaea during the lifetime of Christ, for less than $20? Ancient coins are the coins of Roman Caesars, Greek tyrants, and the dynasties of ancient Egypt and China. Each coin is a hand-struck work of ancient art.

Uncleaned Coins Dealer CommonBronze.com
CommonBronze.com is a coin dealer partnership that specializes in ancient uncleaned coins and the supplies needed to clean them. One one the hallmarks that separate Common Bronze from other uncleaned coins dealers is the variety of their inventory. They have freshly dug ancient coins from cultures and era spanning 1,000 years. But are their coins worth the money? Check out my review of CommonBronze.com.

Wildwinds.com for Ancient Coins
The Wildwinds database of ancient coins was begun by ancient coin dealer and collector Dave Surber more than a decade ago as a record of which ancient Roman and Greek coins sold for how much money. Soon, his archive of thousands of coin images and descriptions was hailed by ancient coin collectors everywhere as a wonderful cataloging and...

Vcoins and Vauctions
Vcoins and Vauctions are sister sites run by a coin collector who got tired of the lax ethical standards on eBay. Vcoins is host to hundreds of like-minded coin dealers, and the Vauctions listings get longer every week. Although founded in ancient coins, the sites are rapidly growing in the U.S. coins and world coins areas as well. Learn more about Vcoins and Vactions on this page.

Ancient Coins for Education (ACE)
Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) gives ancient coins like this one of Constantine the Great to teachers and schools to promote the study of ancient numismatics and history. Ancient Coins for Education provides lesson plans to teachers and schools about ancient coins and history. Learn more about ACE and ancient coins for teachers, students and schools on this page.

EID MAR - Brutus Commemorates Caesar's Murder on his Coinage
When Brutus and his gang assassinated Julius Caesar on the Ides of March in 44 BC, they believed that they were preserving the liberty of Republican Rome. However, Brutus and his cohorts had to flee from the outraged populace, ultimately falling in battle to the forces of Mark Antony. Along the way, Brutus issued coins featuring two daggers and a liberty cap to commemorate Caesar's murder.

Ancient Coin Attribution Site
Wildwinds is an incomparable reference site for ancient coins of the Roman, Greek, Byzantine, and Celtic civilizations. It has tens of thousands of images of ancient coins, along with full attributions and the prices the coins sold for.

Guide to Late Roman AE Coin Types
The Ancient Roman Empire issued hundreds of millions of bronze (AE) coins between 364 AD and 450 AD. These coins are being dug up from the ground in Europe and the Mediterranean area in vast numbers today, and Professor Warren Esty has documented this coinage on his website. If you have any late Roman bronze coins and want to figure out what they are, be sure to scroll down to see the images.

An Ancient Coin Educational Site
If you are new to ancient coins, or have never collected them and are wondering what the big deal is, Doug Smith provides fascinating answers on his educational site for ancient Roman and Greek coins. Although he hasn't updated the site recently, it still stands as one of the very best ancient coin references on the net.

Menorah Coin Project - Biblical Coins
The Menorah Coin Project is an exhaustive listing of Biblical and Judaic ancient coins, organized according to types and varieties. Values of coins are given where known. The focus is on Biblical coins actually minted in the ancient Holy Land.

How to Grade Ancient Coins
Ancient coin collectors do not use the same standard of numerical-based grade values that U.S. coin collectors use. Because each ancient coin was struck by hand, from hand-carved dies, you must consider three major areas when grading: wear, manufacture, and preservation. Nobody explains these concepts better than Doug Smith in this outstanding reference.

The Celtic Coin Index
The Celts were an ancient civilization that inhabited the British Isles and perhaps extreme Western Europe prior to the coming of the ancient Romans. Ancient Celtic coins are often found in England today by metal detectorists. The Celtic Coin Index is an ambitious project that has images of nearly 30,000 Celtic coins online!

ACE - Ancient Coins for Education
ACE (Ancient Coins for Education) is a non-profit organization focused on providing ancient coins and related materials to schools and teachers. They will gladly accept any extra ancient coins you have lying around, and you can get a tax deduction for it in the U.S. Their site has information about collecting ancient coins that is of special interest to students and teachers.

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