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U.S. One Dollar Coins

The mint act of April 2, 1792 established the United States mint and the "dollar" as our unit of currency. It dictated that the dollar should be made of silver and weigh 416 grains. Dollar coins in the United States experienced different degrees of popularity at different times. The United States Treasury Department suspended silver dollar production in 1835 and for the next 30 years not a single silver dollar was minted. The Morgan silver dollar is the most collected silver dollar that the United States ever produced. Information on all U.S. dollars can be found in the pages listed below.
  1. Presidential Dollars (20)
  2. Sacagawea & Native American One Dollar Coins (4)
  3. Susan B. Anthony (SBA) Dollar Coins (3)
  4. Eisenhower "Ike" One Dollar Coins (6)

Morgan Silver Dollar Values and Prices (1878-1904, 1921)
The Morgan Silver Dollar values and prices in this guide list average amounts that coin dealers are buying and selling these coins for. Find your coins in this very easy to use chart and see how much your Morgan Silver Dollars are worth.

How to Grade Morgan Dollars – What is The Grade of My Morgan Dollar?
The ability to grade Morgan Dollars is the key to determining your coin’s value or price. This guide will help you learn how to grade Morgan Dollars through a series of descriptions and photos that illustrate what each grade looks like.

Peace Silver Dollar Values (1921 - 1935)
The Peace Silver Dollar values in this coin price guide are actual prices that coin dealers will pay you for your Peace Silver Dollars right now. They are not the retail prices almost all other coin price guides give. Look up your Peace Dollars values in this easy to use chart and see how much your Peace Silver Dollars are worth.

How to Grade Peace Silver Dollars
Grading Peace dollars correctly is an important part of determining your coin’s value or price. This guide will assist you in learning how to grade Peace Silver dollars through a sequence of descriptions and photos that show examples of each grade for Peace Silver dollars.

How do You Tell the Difference Between DMPL and Genuine Proof Morgan Dollars?
Learn how to tell the difference between DMPL and Proof Morgan Dollars on this coin collecting FAQ page.

What are the Differences Between DMPL, Prooflike, and Semi-Prooflike Morgans?
Learn how to tell the difference between Semi-Prooflike, Prooflike, and DMPL Morgan Dollars in this simple guide to Prooflike Morgans.

Roller Marks Morgan Silver Dollars
Roller marks are straight, parallel lines that appear on the surface of the coin, and go underneath the devices. Although roller marks has always been the traditional explanation for these marks, there might be other causes, too. Learn all about roller marks and similar phenomena.

The 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar - King of Morgans - Most Valuable Morgan Dollar
The 1895 Proof Morgan Silver Dollar is nicknamed the "King of Morgan Dollars." Although the 1895 Morgan Dollar had a mintage of 12,000 regular specimens according to Mint records, they seem to have mysteriously vanished! Learn the story behind the King of Morgans: the remarkable 1895 Morgan Dollar.

Why Does My Morgan Dollar Have Two Eagles and No Lady?
A reader asks about a Morgan dollar with two eagles and no lady. I explain what her two-tailed coin might be and how it was caused or created.

A Cyber Collection of 1895 Morgan Silver Dollars
These are images of various specimens of the 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar.

Profile of the Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin
The Sacagawea Golden Dollar is unique among U.S. coins. Sacagawea was just 10 years old when she was kidnapped from her native Shoshone tribe. Sold into slavery by her early teens, she was purchased by a French fur trader to become his "wife." Sacagawea is best known for her role in the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Learn all about Sacagawea and the coin that honors her.

2013-W American Silver Eagle Enhanced Uncirculated
Everything you want to know about the U.S. 2013-W American Silver Eagle Enhanced Uncirculated bullion coin. Specifications include weight, diameter, specific gravity, designer, mint locations, varieities and notes.

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