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Top 5 Famous Coin Collections of All Time

Museums and Private Collectors Assemble Vast Coin Collections


1913 Liberty Nickel Obverse

1913 Liberty Nickel Obverse once part of the King Farouk of Egypt Collection

Image Courtesy of: Heritage Auction Galleries, Ha.com

4. John J. Ford Jr. Collection

Collector and coin dealer John J. Ford, Jr. was born in 1924 in Hollywood, California. He later moved to the Long Island, New York area with his parents where he got his first job in numismatics working as a delivery boy for coin dealer Harvey Stack. Ford's impact on numismatics began in the 1950s when he began his coin dealing career by publishing catalogs that provided detailed descriptions of coins and their grades. Ford's famous coin collection included pioneer gold pieces, pattern coins, early American copper coins, Confederate currency, medals and several rare and unique numismatic books. Beginning in 2003 his numismatics holdings were sold in a series of 21 auctions that spanned three years, totaled 10,885 lots and realized over $56 million.

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5. King Farouk of Egypt

King Farouk I of Egypt (1920 - 1965) ruled Egypt from 1936 to 1952 when he was overthrown in the Egyptian Revolution and forced to abdicate. Farouk was known for his extravagant lifestyle and glorious spending sprees. In the 1940's American coin dealers would frequently travel to Egypt to sell him thousands of dollars worth of coins at a time. His collection included approximately 8,500 gold coins, all five known examples of the 1913 Liberty Head nickels and hundreds of U.S. pattern coins, some of which are unique. The most famous of his numismatic possessions was a complete set of $20 gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagles, including the rare 1933 issue. In February and March of 1954, Farouk's numismatics holdings were sold at the Palace Collections of Egypt coin auctions in Cairo, Egypt. Many of these pieces found their way into other famous coin collections such as The Harry W. Bass Collection, The Norweb Collection and John J. Pittman

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