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How to Sell Your Coins for the Most Money - Tips and Tricks

There are many reasons you may want to sell your coins. You may lose interest in a particular series. You completed a collection and want to move on to something else. Or, the most common reason, you inherited a coin collection and you do not collect coins, so you want to sell them. Here you will find guidance on how to sell your coins and get the most money for them while avoiding the rip-off artists that are out there.

Selling Coins on eBay
Selling your coins on eBay will net you more money than selling them at your local coin shop. This article will show you how to sell your coins on eBay by creating quality listings that will maximize the number of bids on your coins.

Know the Difference Between Price and Value
There is a big difference between the value of a coin, and the price of a coin. Your Guide explains what the difference is, and how you need to take this concept into consideration when you buy and sell your own U.S., Ancient, World, or other coins.

How to Find a Local Coin Dealer
When you want to find a coin dealer, you probably shouldn't go to the Yellow Pages first, because there are many people listed there who are really just pawn brokers, junk bullion buyers, and other non-experts. This Quick Tip page will show you exactly how to find a local, Certified coin dealer near your location.

Coin Show Etiquette
People who are about to attend their first coin show often feel a little intimidated. With fancy words like "bourse" (to describe the trading floor) and lots of money changing hands for, well, money, it can be a bit intimidating to the new coin collector attending his first show. Find out all about the do's and don'ts of coin show etiquette.

Are the Coin Prices in Most Coin Catalogs Accurate?
Coin price catalogs and coin value guides, such as the Red Book, Trends, coin price magazines, etc., all have one common flaw - the prices in them are not of any value at all to a coin collector trying to appraise his own collection for sale. This article explains why.

Find Rare Coin Dealers Who are Honest and Ethical Using These Tips
Coin Dealers are fairly easy to find. But how do you know you're getting a reputable, honest coin dealer? We invest a lot of money in our coins, so we want to get the best prices we can. However, price isn't everything. What if your coin turns out to be fake? Will the rare coin dealer be aaround in five years to issue a refund? Learn how to find honest and ethical rare and gold coin dealers.

Make Money With Coins
How to make money with coins. Readers share their tips for getting the most when you sell your coin collection, plus you can add your own coin selling tip!

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