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Book Review: A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens

A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens – An Official Whitman Guidebook

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A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens by James A. Haxby, First edition cover photo

A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens by James A. Haxby, First edition

Image Courtesy of: Whitman Publishing, LLC www.whitman.com
A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens is destined to become the new "Red Book" for collecting Canadian coins. This first edition is written by professional numismatist and accomplished author James A. Haxby and is published by Whitman Publishing, LLC. This 464 page guide covers every aspect of Canadian coinage from provincial coins and tokens issued in colonial days through today's modern issues. The book uses premium stock paper and full-color high-quality pictures throughout. It's hardcover and compact design (6 by 9 inches) makes it portable so you can take it with you to your favorite coin dealer or coin show. Although it is a hardcover book, its distinctive construction allows it to lie flat and stay open while you are reading it. Additionally, it's depth of information and detailed data makes it the new de-facto-standard reference book for Canadian coins. The only flaw that I see with this book is that it is difficult to recognize when one chapter ends and another one begins. Major groups of chapters are indicated by different color banners across the top of each page.

A Guide for Beginners

If you have never collected Canadian coins (or any other type of coin) this book will help you get started. The book starts with instructions on how to properly use this guide and a table of abbreviations used throughout the book. The beginner will be interested in reading the section on grading and pricing. This is followed by an extremely thorough research on the use of money in early Canada that goes back to the 1500s. The minting process and manufacturing facilities are also covered in the early sections of the book. A detailed section on grading Canadian coins begins with the standard ANA grading definitions that are followed by a detailed discussion on coin grading by Monarch portrait.

Advanced Guide for Seasoned Collectors

For the intermediate to advanced collector of Canadian coins, there is a detailed section on colonial and provincial coinage. Each section contains comprehensive information and the history behind each issue. This includes private tokens as well as government issued coins. The major thrust of the book begins when the Dominion of Canada was formed in 1867. Each issue is covered in extreme detail with full-color pictures and descriptions of each coin and many varieties. Additionally, detailed specifications and individual grading descriptions are included. Finally, test tokens, sets and bullion coins, including the 2007 $1 million gold Maple leaf 100 kg bullion coin are covered. The appendices encompass a variety of topics including toning, third party grading and authentication, misstrikes/errors, Canadian coin collecting organizations, bullion value charts and an auction price history.

Bottom Line: Buy it!

Product Details

Hardcover: 464 pages
Publisher: Whitman Publishing; 1st Edition (January 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0794822517
ISBN-13: 978-0794822514
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 1.1 inches
List Price: $19.95
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