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Book Review: 2013 A Guide Book of United States Coins - The Redbook

A Volume of Information in One Comprehensive Book

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2013 A Guide Book of United States Coins - The Redbook

2013 A Guide Book of United States Coins - The Redbook (spiral-bound hardcover)

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A Guide Book of United States Coins (also known as "The Red Book") by RS Yeoman and edited by Kenneth Bressett is the number one best-selling U.S. coin price guide. This book lists average coin prices that you can expect to pay a dealer for every U.S. coin minted. If you are looking to see how much you can sell your coins for, then you need to consult "The Blue Book." The first edition was published in 1947 and has been consistently updated ever since then. Today, the book is available in several editions that include spiral-bound softcover, spiral-bound hardcover, hardcover edition and leather bound collectible editions. This book is probably the first book that every budding-young (and not so young) coin collector will purchase because it answers the question "How much is this coin worth?"

Everything a Coin Collector Needs to Know

The book begins with a brief overview of how to use the book, including a table of abbreviations that are used throughout the book. It continues by giving a brief overview of common topics covered in coin collecting. For example: coin grading, the condition of coins, third party grading services and an introduction to collecting United States coins. Other information includes a history of United States coinage, U.S. Mint locations and their mint marks, rare coins, counterfeits, replicas, alterations, significant events in U.S. coinage and famous coin hoards. The catalog section of the book begins with coins issued during the colonial days and continues through post-colonial issued coins (coins issued after independence was declared and before the first U.S. Mint opened in 1792).

The real value of the book is contained in the center section where all "Federal Issues" (coins issued by the official U.S. Mint after 1793) are catalogued by coin type. Each coin type is listed by denomination as indicated by a color-coded band on the top of each page. This makes it very easy to find the particular coin you're looking for. Every coin is illustrated with an exact full-size color picture. This makes it easy to identify the coin you are looking for. Additionally, basic coin specifications and general grading guidelines are presented. Popular varieties and errors, along with their respective pricing guidelines are listed for each type of coin. The book also contains pricing information for commemorative coins, bullion coins, significant U.S. pattern coins, private and territorial gold coins, uncirculated mint sets and proof sets.

An Essential Part of Any Coin Collector's Library

2013 A Guide Book of United States Coins - The Redbook

2013 A Guide Book of United States Coins - The Redbook (hardcover)

Image Courtesy of: Whitman Publishing, LLC www.whitman.com
Given the completeness of the information that is contained in this book and it's easily accessible design, it is a must have for any coin collector from beginner to expert. All editions of the book are printed on high quality glossy paper using full-color photographs. If you're looking for a "book collector's" edition that will look pretty on your bookshelf, either the hardcover or leather bound editions will fulfill that need. If you're looking for functionality, either of the spiral-bound editions will work well. The advantage of the spiral-bound editions is that they will lay flat on your work surface while you are working with your coins. The hardcover editions tend to start closing unless you are holding them open with your hands or some other object. This comprehensive coin price guide book will help you make smart buying decisions as you build your coin collection. The coin prices, auction records, full-color photographs, detailed technical data, and up-to-date mintages make this book a necessity for any coin collector.

Bottom Line: Buy it!

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