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Buying, Selling and Investing in Coins

Whether you are looking to sell the coins your grandfather had, buy coins for your own collection or invest in coins for your retirement, this advice will help you make the right decision. If you are not familiar with coins, take the time to review these articles and you will find that it will be time well spent. The tips and guidance presented here will educate you on the buying and selling of coins and prevent you from getting ripped-off.
  1. How to Sell Coins (7)
  2. How to Buy Coins (16)
  3. Coin Dealer Reviews (4)
  4. Investing in Rare and Gold Coins (14)
  5. Miscellaneous Topics and Archived Articles (19)

Insider's Tips for Buying and Selling Coins
Insider's tips for dealing with coin dealers. Learn how to get the best deal when buying coins, and how to get the most money when selling coins. Find out where dealers get their wholesale coin prices so you know how much they pay each other, and never overpay for, or undersell coins again. Understand how the wholesale coin market operates.

How to Find a Local Coin Dealer
When you want to find a coin dealer, you probably shouldn't go to the Yellow Pages first, because there are many people listed there who are really just pawn brokers, junk bullion buyers, and other non-experts. This Quick Tip page will show you exactly how to find a local, Certified coin dealer near your location.

Why is it Important to Use a PNG Coin Dealer?
Learn what the PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild) is and why it is important to use dealers who subscribe to the PNG code of ethics.

Find Rare Coin Dealers Who are Honest and Ethical Using These Tips
Coin Dealers are fairly easy to find. But how do you know you're getting a reputable, honest coin dealer? We invest a lot of money in our coins, so we want to get the best prices we can. However, price isn't everything. What if your coin turns out to be fake? Will the rare coin dealer be aaround in five years to issue a refund? Learn how to find honest and ethical rare and gold coin dealers.

Know the Difference Between Price and Value
There is a big difference between the value of a coin, and the price of a coin. Your Guide explains what the difference is, and how you need to take this concept into consideration when you buy and sell your own U.S., Ancient, World, or other coins.

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