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How to Collect Coins and Care For Them
Caring for your coin collection is just as important as choosing which coins to buy. There are proper ways to clean, protect, display, and handle your coins. Whether you collect rare U.S., world, or ancient coins, learn how to keep them in top-notch condition.

Buying, Selling and Investing in Coins
Whether you are looking to sell the coins your grandfather had, buy coins for your own collection or invest in coins for your retirement, this advice will help you make the right decision. If you are not familiar with coins, take the time to review these articles and you will find that it will be time well spent. The tips and guidance presented here will educate you on the buying and selling of coins and prevent you from getting ripped-off.

Coin Grading - How to Grade Coins & What the Coin Grades Mean
Grading coins is a skill that every collector needs to have. Whether you want to appraise your own U.S. coins, buy ancient coins from a dealer, understanding coin grades is essential. The condition of the coin is what determines its value, more than any other factor. Since coin values are based primarily on grades, when you consider buying a coin you should be able to accurately grade it, to ensure that the dealer's price is a fair one for that issue and grade. The same goes for selling your coins; is the dealer offering a fair price for its condition? Take the time to learn the essentials of coin grading.

U.S. Coin Collecting - Learn About U.S. Coin Values, History and How To Collect
U.S. coin collecting is more popular than ever since the state quarters series began. The U.S. Mint is always issuing new commemorative coins and sets. There is a remarkable variety of U.S. coin types in everyday pocket change, with more than 38 different State Quarter types in circulation. Learn all about collecting U.S. coins.

Coin Values - Coin Prices - What Coins are Worth
Find out how much a coin is worth, how coin catalog values are determined, and what influences coin market prices. Check price lists for U.S. coins, rare, investment, and gold coins. Learn about the difference between a coin's value and a coin's price, how to interpret the listings in the Red Book, and more.

Error Coins & Die Varieties
Error coins and die varieties can be found everywhere from pocket change to slabs in coin dealers' inventories. Ever since errors began turning up in the State Quarters, such as the Wisconsin quarter with the extra leaf, people have been hunting through their pocket change looking for valuable coin varieties. Learn what to look for in your spare change.

Coin Books, Publications and Online Resources
There is a vast wealth of knowledge that is been published about coins and the coin collecting hobby. Some of these resources are books that can be purchased at your favorite coin shop. Others have been out of print for a while but still contain valuable information. Of course, the most current information can be found on a variety of websites on the Internet. Here you will find a compilation of some of the best coin collecting publications, resources and websites.

Profiles of Famous & Rare Coins of the Ancient & Modern World
Famous and rare coins fascinate all of us. Sometimes a coin is noteworthy because it sold for millions of dollars at auction. Other coins have historical importance because they were designed by, portray, or commemorate an important person or event. If you would like to see a certain coin profiled, please email me at coins@aboutguide.com or post your request in the coins discussion forum.

Canadian Coin Collecting
Canadian Coin Collecting topics are covered, including common circulating Canadian coin types, error coins found in pocket change, Canada's fascinating bi-metallic two-dollar coin, how to grade Canadian coins, and the investor quality Canadian gold coins such as the Maple Leaf.

World and Ancient Coins - Medieval - Foreign - World - Roman - Greek
More people in the world collect United States coins than any other country's coins. But your adventure in coin collecting can begin in ancient times or in any country from around the world. Here you will find resources to help you get started in collecting ancient coins and foreign coins from around the world.

Coin Collecting Terms - Coin Collectors Glossary
Coin collecting terms are listed here in our coin collectors' glossary. This dictionary of coin words will help you understand coin terms with brief, easy to read definitions and example sentences.

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