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Indian Head Penny Values - Coins - About.com
This guide will give you an estimate of the value and price of your Indian Head penny minted from 1859 to 1909. The table listed below provides average coin ...
Flying Eagle and Indian Head Penny - Coins - About.com
Coin collecting guides to United States Flying Eagle cents and Indian Head Pennies (a.k.a. Indian Head Cents). Here you will find the coin's value and price,  ...
Indian Head Penny: Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties - Coins
When it comes to Indian Head Penny key dates, rarities and varieties, a small difference on a coin can result in a large difference in the value. Listed below are  ...
Indian Head Penny Mintages - Coins - About.com
Detailed production information about the U.S. Indian Head penny issued from 1859 to 1909: Year, Mint Location, Mint Mark, and Mintage Numbers.
Indian Head Penny Specs - Coins - About.com
Everything you want to know about the U.S. Indian Head penny issued from 1859 to 1909: Specifications, weight, diameter, specific gravity, designer, mint ...
How to Accurately Grade Indian Head Pennies - Coins - About.com
Grading Indian Head pennies is a skill that will take years of experience to perfect and this guide will get you started. Remember that coin grading is the ...
The 1877 Indian Cent - Coins - About.com
This Mint State 1877 Indian Head Cent is in the legendary Red Copper Collection, an award-winning, top-ranked PCGS Registry Set formed by collector Stewart ...
Indian Head Penny: Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties - Coins
Feb 19, 2012 ... When it comes to Indian Head pennies, a small variation on the coin can make a large difference in the price. Of course we have the "King" of ...
Fake Indian Head & Large Cents - Coins - About.com
Photos from a Chinese counterfeiting ring that specializes in fake coins, antiquities and counterfeit Chinese antiques. A box of fake U.S. Indian Head pennies ...
Updated Indian Head Penny Values for 2014 - Coins - About.com
Feb 9, 2012 ... Two of the most popular coin series that coin collectors assemble are the Indain Head pennies and Lincoln Wheat pennies. Additionally, I have ...
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