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U.S. Half Cents (1793-1857) - Coins - About.com
Everything about U.S. half cents issued from 1793 until 1857 can be found on this page: Coin specifications, pictures, minting facilities and varieties.
U.S. Small Cents: Guide to Values and Prices - Coins - About.com
The U.S. Small Cents were first issued in 1856, to replace the Large Cents. But which cents, exactly, are the Small Cents? This article answers that question, and  ...
Classic Head Half Cent Values - Coins - About.com
This coin value guide will give you an idea of how much your Classic Head half cents minted from 1809 to 1836 are worth. The table below presents average ...
U.S. Small Cents (1856 - Date) - Coins - About.com
The United States mint has been making small sized cents since 1856. From the first Flying Eagle cent to the latest variety of Lincoln Cents, you can find ...
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-1808) - Coins - About.com
Everything you want to know about the U.S. Draped Bust Half Cent issued from 1800 to 1808: Specifications, weight, diameter, specific gravity, designer, mint ...
U.S. Nickels - Five Cent (1866-Date) - Coins - About.com
Five cent pieces (or nickels) were first produced in the United States in 1866. In the previous year, the three cent piece was the first United States coin to use a ...
Braided Hair Half Cent (1840-1857) - Coins - About.com
Everything you want to know about the U.S. Braided Hair Half Cent issued from 1840 to 1857. Specifications include: minting facilities, weight, diameter, specific  ...
Draped Bust Half Cent Prices - Coins - About.com
This guide is intended to give you an idea of how much you should pay to purchase a Draped Bust half cents minted from 1800 to 1808 from a coin dealer.
Half Cent - Liberty Cap - Head Facing Left (1793) - Coins - About.com
Everything you want to know about the U.S. Liberty Head Half Cent issued in 1793: Specifications, mint locations, varieities and notes.
Fake Indian Head & Large Cents - Coins - About.com
This container is full of Chinese-made fake Indian Head Cents and fake U.S. Large Cents. The dates on the fake Large Cents include 1854 and 1857.
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