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Coin Identification Table

Identify Your U.S. Coins Using These Photo Images

This table is a guideline to help you identify your U.S. coins, and does not include varieties, patterns, or extremely rare issues.  Types for which I have additional information (such as coin values, key date lists, historical information, etc.) have links. Please bookmark this page and check back for updates. If you need any coin identification help, please post your question in the Coin-Collectors Forum.


Coin Identification Photo Type
Draped Bust Half Cent
Classic Head Half Cent
Coronet Half Cent
Liberty Cap Large Cent
Draped Bust Large Cent
Coronet Type (Matron Head) Large Cent
Coronet Type (Young Head) Large Cent
Flying Eagle U.S. Small Cents Flying Eagle Cent

U.S. Small Cents

Indian Head Pennies Values Indian Head Cent

Indian Head Penny Values

Wheat Pennies Values Wheat Ears Cent

Wheat Penny Values

Wheat Penny Key Dates

Lincoln Memorial Pennies Values Lincoln Memorial Cent

Lincoln Memorial Penny Values

Two Cent Piece
Three Cent Silver Piece
Three Cent Nickel Piece
Shield Nickel
Liberty Head V-Nickels Values Liberty Head V-Nickel

Liberty Head V-Nickel Values

Indian Head Buffalo Nickels Values Indian Head Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo Nickel Values

Jefferson Nickels Values Jefferson Nickel

Jefferson Nickel Values

Capped Bust Half Dime
Seated Liberty Half Dime
Capped Bust Dime
Seated Liberty Dime
Liberty Head (Barber) Dime
Mercury Dime (aka Winged Liberty Dime)

Mercury Dime Values

Mercury Dime Key Dates
Roosevelt Dime
Twenty Cent Piece
Capped Liberty Bust Quarter
Seated Liberty Quarter
Liberty Head (Barber) Quarter
Standing Liberty Quarter
Washington Quarter

Draped Bust (Heraldic) Half Dollar
Capped Liberty Bust Half Dollar
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Liberty Head (Barber) Half Dollar
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Franklin Half Dollar
Kennedy Half Dollar
Seated Liberty Silver Dollar
Liberty Head (Morgan) Silver Dollar
Peace Type Silver Dollars
Eisenhower Dollar

Trade Dollar
 Silver Eagle (Bullion Coin)


All photos courtesy of Harlan J Berk, Ltd., except the Two-Cent Piece, Capped Bust Dime, Draped Bust Half Dollar, and the Trade Dollar, where photography is courtesy of Heritage Auction Galleries.

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