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U.S. Mint Statement About 800 Number

By March 6, 2009

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The U.S. Mint seems to be finally getting caught up with some of the questions we've all been bugging them with. I received another statement from them this morning regarding the 800 telephone system the Mint uses for order-taking and customer service. The statement was sent at 12:05 am, so somebody at the Mint has been burning the midnight oil just as much as we have, worrying about our Ultra-High Relief (UHR) coins.

Here's the statement:

The 1-800 number is working. However, because we have temporarily disabled our online "Track My Order" feature, customers must call the 1-800 number, if they want to inquire about the status of their orders. This increase in telephone inquiries has exceeded the call capacity on the 1-800 number. Consequently, many customers will receive an AT&T message that asks them to try again later. These high volumes have prevailed since last Thursday.

The "Track My Order" feature again will be available to registered customers starting March 6, which should alleviate most of the high-call volume. The United States Mint will continue to assess options to address unexpected increases in call volume and will take appropriate measures.

At the time of this writing, the Track My Order feature still wasn't working. In fact, the whole log in system seems confused. When I clicked "My Account" and the login screen came up, I typed in the same username I have used for years, and the password that I've been using for the past 5 or 6 weeks or so. I got an error that the username or password was incorrect. No problem, I thought. I'm not the world's greatest typist, so I typed it again, carefully, making sure the caps-lock key was off. I still got the error!

Now I was beginning to wonder if the Mint had somehow reverted my password back to the previous one or something, but I went ahead and typed it again, carefully, and this time the system let me in.

For a minute. As soon as I clicked a link, the login screen came up again. This time, no matter how carefully I typed the same username and password that has worked just fine in the past, the system refused me entry. After the 4th failure in a row, I got a warning message that the 6th failure would lock me out for 8 hours or force me to reset my password. I tried one more time, same password as before, but decided not to mess with that 6th chance.

Hopefully, the cause of this strangeness was that they are working on updating things.

Added later: I tried one more time when I was finished writing my latest UHR post, and the system locked me out, forcing me to reset my password. When I clicked the "Forgot Password" link as instructed, I received the following message on my screen:

If you have requested and have received a temporary password and it does not work, we apologize for your inconvenience, but please repeat the request until you receive a temporary password that does work.



March 7, 2009 at 12:59 am
(1) Good Stranger Really says:

the wait isn’t so bad if only the information on the other end were reliable.

lies, lies, lies.

I hope that aspect of their ‘operations’ is over.

March 7, 2009 at 7:13 am
(2) Dave T says:

Very true Good Stranger… but now it appears that even their computers are lying to us. lol I feel a little like a deer in the headlights after reading this article from Susan. Sort of just have to shake my head.

The Mint did issue a bit of a statement…. which is good… BUT… it’s now March 7th everywhere in the world and the tracking feature is still not working. Is this why they’re afraid to issue statements… because they know they’ll get hammered if they don’t deliver on what they say? It shouldn’t have been that hard to deliver on this one. It would have to be a pretty nasty virus hitting their system to be able to justify it taking so long to restore the tracking feature.

July 17, 2009 at 5:33 pm
(3) Jeff says:

The U.S Mint has fraudulently produced new coingae. None of the newly minted quarters work in vending machines. The vending machines only take the old quarters. What an embarrassment. They must have been in such a hurry to mint those new quarters that they never tested them on any of the vending machines. On many occasions I have tried to purchase sodas or bottled water with the newly minted quarters and they go right through the slots to the dump trays. A real fraud.

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