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By November 7, 2007

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Finding good humor is very difficult, since we all have different senses of humor and ways of finding different things funny. However, I'm pretty sure that everyone will find something to laugh out loud about in the offerings below. The American Numismatic Association's (ANA) official magazine, Numismatist, is looking for a new writer to take over their monthly humor column. To find just the right person, they ran a year-long contest, where each month one of twelve aspiring coin humorists had their turn trying to entertain us (and earn the right to try to do so for the next year under contract to the Numismatist.)

I must confess, I found most of the entries to be pretty lame (but then, that's just MY sense of humor! My friends found one of my "lame" choices hilarious!) However, one of the entries really had me literally holding my gut and chortling loudly! The entry I loved so much is the August 2007 entry called "Numismatic Paranoia." In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that the writer, Rich Hall, is a friend of mine, but I don't care how good a friend someone might be, if their humor sucks, well... it just means I didn't get it the way they did!

Check out the entries on the ANA Web site, and then vote for your favorite three, listing them in order of preference. Send your votes to humor@money.org. I hope you enjoy them all as much I did, especially that one about paranoia, omg, rofl, lol, lshih.........


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