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Learn How to Detect Fake "Godless" Plain Edge Dollars

By March 28, 2007

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Does your Godless plain egde dollar have these vertical lines?Many people have been asking how to tell if a Presidential Dollar with missing edge lettering is a genuine mint error, or just a buffed off fake (a so-called "Buffy Dollar.") It's almost like a predictable paradigm shift: first, thousands of people go to eBay to buy this "Godless Dollar," hoping it will prove to be a good investment. They buy from total strangers, with little regard for whether or not the sellers themselves know what they have, and then a couple of weeks later they hear about some fake plain edge dollars having surfaced. All of a sudden, thousands of people are worried that they bought a fake.

I am hearing not only from worried buyers, but from annoyed sellers who are getting emails from their buyers claiming they were sold altered dollars. Many of these sellers found the coins themselves in original Fed-wrapped rolls, and so they are absolutely certain of the authenticity! I'll spare you the cautionary tale about buying from eBay sellers who don't know their stuff, and get right to the point: Is there any way to tell whether or not a plain edge Presidential dollar is a fake?

Fortunately, there is. There are three key elements you should evaluate to determine whether or not you have a genuine plain edge, or "Godless" Presidential Dollar: weight, diameter, and minute edge characteristics. Learn what the proper specifications are, and how to detect fake plain edge dollars.

Coin photo by Shawn Bell of bigbuckbell auctions.


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